Lotus / Ship of Fools split LP

Belgian hardcore punk is alive and well, and this split will prove it! Side A belongs to LOTUS, a band that occupies the sound territory of early TRASH TALK and early CEREMONY, when they played powerful and energetic melancholic hardcore. Violent and resigned with the outside world, the same sentiment that the aforementioned bands would project on their releases. Side B showcases SHIP OF FOOLS, a two-man venture turned into a full traditional punk band. The name is lifted from a FUCKED UP song, so that is a good starting point to describe them. Sounding fresh while rooted in old-school USHC at the same time, SHIP OF FOOLS brings a groovy quality that can hook you. A split that encompasses two sides of the hardcore world that seem to fit together perfectly. At the end of the day, it’s all hardcore!