Lyres Live at Cantones LP

A collection of live radio broadcasts, featuring this organ-dominated garage/frat party neo-’60s band. Out of Boston and having roots in the early punk band DMZ, these guys do lots of covers as well as a few tasty originals. Basic rock’n’roll.

Lyres Someone Who’ll Treat You Right Now 12″

A three-song job that’s just OK, lacking any real wallop or magic. LYRES supply minimal rockin’ ’60s pop, and in the past have come up with real gems. None here, though; maybe they “gave it up now.”

Lyres On Fyre LP

Although the superb re-recorded versions of “Don’t Give It Up Now” and “Help You Ann” alone almost make this album worth buying, a series of horrible cover versions (including “I Confess” and two KINKS kompositions—”Live Me Till the Sun Shines” and “Tired of Walking”) and uninspired originals conspire to undermine its overall value. Boston’s LYRES are potentially a great ’60s-style punk band, but except for a triad of gems (“I’m Tellin’ You, Girl,” “The Way I Feel About You,” and “Not Like the Other One”), they don’t live up to that potential here.

Lyres Help You Ann / I Really Want You Right Now 7″

Now this is more like it! After a great debut 45 and a disappointing 12″, the LYRES have returned to top form with “Help You, Ann.” It’s a great ’60s punk-type number with an ultra-cool tremelo guitar; the flip is another nasty cut with one of those endlessly recycled ’60s guitar riffs.