Mad Parade


Mad Parade A Thousand Words LP

Is there such a thing as getting “BYOed”? While their latest release is pretty decent pop punk (at best they sounds like an American NEUROTICS), it’s a bit weak compared to the previous 7″. All the tunes are mid-to-slow paced, have very good lyrics, and I bet they really rock live. But at this point, they seem to be going the way of the RED ROCKERS.

Mad Parade Court Jester 12″

They sound like they come from Ireland (S.L.F., UNDERTONES), but actually it’s Covina, California (they appeared on Barricaded Suspects comp). Lots of excellent pop/punk with good hooks and choruses, with more of a SoCal not-quite-thrash rush. They look like poseurs, though, and while they might give SOCIAL DISTORTION a run for their money in that field, I hope they don’t end up like the RED ROCKERS (you gotta check the cover of their latest LP!)