Major Accident


Major Accident Tortured Tunes LP

I’ve only occasionally enjoyed the British pop-punk of MAJOR ACCIDENT in the past, but this rather bootleggy sounding live LP sacrifices the primary merits of past recordings—production quality and layered instrumentation. Only for diehard fans of this outfit.

Major Accident Leaders of Tomorrow EP

More catchy pop-punk from MAJOR ACCIDENT. Despite their occasional faster-than-usual tempo, all these songs have hooks galore. “Dayo” is particularly distinctive, with its repetitive sing-alongs and stampeding drum assault. Their best so far.

Major Accident Fight to Win / Freedom 7″

A severe early CLASH influence, right down to the Joe Strummer vocals, mars the offerings on this band’s second 45. The better of the two tracks is “Fight to Win,” an unadventurous ’77-style punk number with a fair melody and uninvolving background choruses. This kind of thing has been down better elsewhere.

Major Accident Massacred Melodies LP

Yet another in a seemingly endless line of British punk records. Though this new group doesn’t really break any new ground, better songwriting ability lifts them above the pack. If you insist on rehashing a ’70s punk format in 1982, you’ve got to write memorable tunes to hold anyone’s interest, and MAJOR ACCIDENT occasionally succeed where innumerable others are failing. Cool recording, too.