Mass Separation


Mass Separation Semarak Api CD

Grind-crust out of Malaysia. Sloppy and noisy as hell, the way the genre is meant to be. As is with a lot of these types of releases, the drums immediately stick out to me, as they are blisteringly fast and never waver. Guitars have a very powerviolence/metalcore tint to them. Lots of crunchy breakdowns, squealing pinch harmonics, and dissonant chords. Vocals have a ton of nuance and range from deep-throat growls to banshee-like screams. All in all, a decent release if you’re a fan of the genre.

Mass Separation Semarak Api EP

There are bands that your granny may definitely enjoy if you include them on her birthday playlist, like the UNDERTONES for example, or maybe your terrible high school pop punk band because she’s too kind to hurt your feelings. Kuala Lumpur’s MASS SEPARATION is not one such band. I had not heard of them in ages and thought that they were no longer active, but I was fortunately wrong. Incidentally, MASS SEPARATION was the first band from Malaysia I came across back in the ’00s through their split with ATROCIOUS MADNESS, so their name clearly has a positive connotation for me. The Semarak Api EP includes six songs, three of which were actually recorded in 2007 and remastered for this release. If you are not familiar with the band, MASS SEPARATION plays—and indeed have played since 1996—noisy grinding thrashcore with a punk attitude and lyrics in Malay and English. It is a little out of my perimeter and there are probably too many tempo changes for my tastes, but I am into the harsh, aggressive vocal style and the political nature of the band. Not totally my kind of raw noise, but I can tell that they know what they are doing, that they are doing it properly, and that they are for real. In it for life. This EP was released on Bollocks Records, a new local label run by, well, the singer of the BOLLOCKS.