Mau Maus


Just Wär / Mau Maus split EP

A quick split between the Czech Republic’s JUST WÄR and England’s MAU MAUS. JUST WÄR mostly plays MOTÖRHEAD-worship punk. They’re definitely students of this style, as everything is pristinely placed, from the rock’n’roll riffs and leads to the growled vocals. MAU MAUS are a legacy act originally formed in the early ’80s. They play simple UK82 street punk that is clean and relatively catchy and includes classic gravelly singing and gang vocals. This split is good, but a bit of a head-scratcher. I don’t really understand how these two got paired together but it’s cool; it’s nice to have two different styles rather than two bands that sound identical on a split. Rock on.

Mau Maus Nowhere to Run 12″

Well-produced, mid-tempo punk that’s both emotionally unmoving and unmemorable for me. None of the four tracks made flail in any way, although “In Unity We Fall” did have me moving my hands in the air with its upbeat airs and choruses.

Mau Maus Fear No Evil LP

The MAU MAUS display an adeptness at a wide variety of punk and hardcore styles from thrash to sing-alongs, pop-punk, and slow/fast numbers. Happily, they perform it all with authority and intelligence; I can recommend this varied album without reservation.

Mau Maus Tear Down the Walls EP

Another more-than-competent release from these lads. For your money, you get three medium-fast punk tunes, and one thrasher. They handle both styles well, though seem better suited to punk, making them sing-along-simple.

Mau Maus Live at the Marples LP

Here’s a budget-priced live album with at least sixteen tracks and a whole booklet with every fact you’d ever want to know about the MAU MAUS. The quality is definitely live, which they apologize for on the sleeve, but it’s got the energy that every live recording should have. This band is one of the first English bands to be inspired by US thrash, and they’re still good, though at this point somewhat ordinary. Regardless, if you like powerful punk, this is a good deal.

Mau Maus Facts of War EP

The MAU MAUS provide a strong argument in favor of the benefits of speed in modern punk music. They have fairly typical chord progressions, generic themes, and a rather annoying vocalist, but somehow the frenzied tempo compensates by keeping your arms and legs flailing about. “Facts of War” is a killer track.

Mau Maus No Concern EP

Speed alone would make the MAU MAUS’ second EP noticeable among this month’s UK releases. Both tracks on the B-side are firmly in the DISCHARGE/GBH tradition, but the title cut is almost ruined by an atrocious heavy metal intro. Basic thrash—nothing more, nothing less.