Meat Puppets


Meat Puppets Mirage LP

This is their most polished record yet and will probably be the place that their fans of crusty, wild desert punk stop listening and where college radio goes apeshit. Some of this sounds like FLEETWOOD MAC. You decide.

Meat Puppets Up on the Sun LP

Album number three from the PUPPIES has them pretty much mining the same territory as their second LP. This should alienate the shit out of the punk rockers and make college radio writhe in ecstasy. All of this doesn’t negate the fact that this is an outstanding record with great playing. Not real fast, but curling-up-on-the-porch-after-a-long-hard-day LP.

Meat Puppets II LP

How strange! You’d expect this album to mirror the manic ultra-thrash which characterized their debut efforts, but it’s almost exclusively Country & Western. It’s pretty good, too. The rock’n’rolly charms of “Split Myself in Two” are contrasted with gentle, melodic numbers like “Climbing” and the swingin’ “Magic Toy Missing.” Is there a C&W revival going on that I don’t know about?