Michiro Endo


Michiro Endo The End 12″

The singer from the STALIN’s new solo release is a diverse effort. While it certainly won’t appeal to the “hardcore or die” crowd, it may—or may not—be of interest to those with more catholic tastes. Featured are a “new wavey” remix of an earlier ENDO song (“School’s End”), an atmospheric post-punker (“Water Sister”), and two punkish cuts, the best of which is “The Stalin.”

Michiro Endo 仰げば尊し 7″

The singer for the STALIN appears here on his first solo vinyl effort. The A-side is a fine driving mid-tempo punker, whereas the flip is a slower, more unusual number with spoken vocals. Both cuts have crisp production.

Michiro Endo ベトナム伝説 [Vietnam-Legend] cassette

The lead singer of Japan’s the STALIN has put out a very well-produced nine-song tape that comes with a high-quality book that includes multi-colored photos. He does many ’60s songs here (like “Born To Be Wild,” “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” etc.), along with original compositions in styles ranging from intense thrash to straight metal to almost BEATLE-esque material, and the band (who sounds like the STALIN) really crank it out. Excellent.