Moat Cobra


Moat Cobra DCxPC Live & Dead, Vol. 1 LP

This is a cool idea from label DCxPC: record and release live shows on vinyl, and in MOAT COBRA’S case, back it with a “dead” or studio recorded version on the B-side. MOAT COBRA is an Orlando hardcore band that specializes in sludgy, BOTCH-y riffs and gruff vocals. The live recordings are great—you can clearly hear the guitar textures, nasty bass tones, and feel the overall tightness of the band. “Singularity” has interlocking stoner riffs that would make any RED FANG-loving van-dweller or algebra-core nerd swoon. Ripping track “Soffo Cone” chugs with a fast punk beat that gives way to dueling fretboard equations. The studio recordings reveal guitar subtleties and offer some atmospheric qualities, but since the live recordings are so good, you are essentially hearing five of the songs twice. That’s my only real critique here—Side A and Side B work best as separate listening experiences due to the overlapping tracks. Overall though, it’s a good band and cool idea executed well.