Mod Fun


Mod Fun …Tea Four 2 EP

This one’s a bit of a head-scratcher. I’d say the name is a bit misleading, as this isn’t a mod band, at least not in my mind. These guys were an ’80s pop band from the New Jersey area. They broke up and reformed in 2004 and are still playing. This is a four-song EP, with the A-side consisting of a BADFINGER cover and a YARDBIRDS cover. They don’t really do anything with either song and come across more as a cover band than a band with serious aspirations, at least on that first side. I’ve never understood that—if you’re going to cover a song, make it yours. The two originals on the B-side are fine pop songs with at least a little new wave influence, and both are rooted in harmonies. Neither will knock your socks off, but both are totally fine.

Mod Fun Mary Goes Round / Grounded 7″

MOD FUN opts for more of that poppish ’60’s neo-psych, with the only drawback being that a certain telltale wimpiness accompanies the accessibility. Cute background choruses, jangly guitars, not much passion… Okay, I guess.

Mod Fun Dorothy’s Dream LP

This pop/psych band from Jersey always had the knack for going right up the edge of wimpiness without falling in. This has catchy harmonies, nice melodies, and lots of influences from the ’60s—namely ZOMBIES and early STONES. Nice second LP.

Mod Fun Hangin’ Round EP

On this release, MOD FUN has updated their sound from ’64 to ’66, incorporating ’60s fuzz punk into their pop mod sound on one song, going pop-psych on another, and fairly straight pop on the longest track. Like the two uptempo songs better than their previous efforts.

Mod Fun 90 Wardour Street LP

MOD FUN had an earlier single that had a sharp, snappy sense of fun. Therefore, I was really looking forward to this. The band seems more contrived now; the press release describes them as a cross between the CREATION and the JAM, but I hear more of the SMALL FACES and 3 O’CLOCK. Some good hooks, but all pretty bland.

Mod Fun I Am with You / Happy Feelings 7″

’60s pop with distinct hard rock trappings. MOD FUN’s general tone of aggression has to be admired, but neither of the songs on this 45 are raunchy or catchy enough to sustain much interest. “Happy Feelings,” the better of the two, offers pleasant background vocals, some jangly guitars, and not much else.