Moral Panic


Moral Panic Validation LP

NYC’s MORAL PANIC returns with a third helping of dirty back alley punk’n’roll. Composed of real scene vets who know their way around an instrument, they belt out twelve doses of  DEVIL DOGS, SUICIDE KING, and HUMPERS-style bash-’em-up trash punk. “Quarantine” is quite the topical rager, and they do an excellent CONSUMERS cover. Hope I get to check ‘em out live, being a Big Rotten Apple resident now myself. Rock on, men.

Moral Panic Moral Panic LP

Man, these guys come out of the gates swinging, with a faster-paced, almost frenetic number. This is punk rock. Sure, it’s catchy, but it’s got this nervous energy that keeps the listener on edge. They keep up the pace for the entire record. This thing just shreds. At times I’m reminded of the DEAD BOYS, only amped up a tad. And just for the hell of it, they throw in a PAGANS cover. Excellent record.