More Kicks


More Kicks Punch Drunk LP

This trio from London gets me thinking of the JAM right away, without actually sounding like the JAM—something about the cadence of the vocals. It’s super catchy and melodic, which is always a plus for me. And the second track has me thinking about the BUZZCOCKS, which is where most of the remaining tracks end up with me. This is definitely on the pop side of the punk spectrum, but in the end I’d call it power pop. (Don’t ask me to explain the difference between power pop and pop punk, but there is a difference.) Anyway, the record is well-done and these guys are talented and can sing. This won’t be for all you punks, but it will be for some of you. And it is for me.

More Kicks More Kicks LP

This three-piece from London delivers some solid power pop with a bubblegum sheen. You get a very polished and clean recording all the way through, which can feel a little clinical, but there’s a fair amount of fuzz here, as well as occasional vocal distortion. The bass comes through really strong, almost too heavily in the mix. Overall, I think the tracks are well-balanced and inspire singalongs on the first spin. Guitar is piercingly clear, though not as gritty as I’d like it to be. They sound like mod revival and more on the ’60s garage end of the power pop equation. Typically I’m into stuff with faster riffs when it comes to this genre, but I like it just fine. Though it’s not credited on the the liner notes, it sounds like there are keys on the track “She’s a Reaction,” and it’s a nice melody to fit in. My favorite song is “I’m on the Brink,” though I still do wish it was just a smidge faster. Cool band, good way to start off sunny days.