Moron’s Morons


Moron’s Morons Go Pop! 7″

First off, what a fantastic band name. Second off, what a great record. This is rock’n’roll first and punk second, but it’s definitely punk. And honestly, doesn’t that describe a lot of the best punk ever? It reminds me of the PREACHER’S KIDS, a band I only discovered somewhat recently. Very garage-y, sometimes bordering on swampy (but not quite getting there), and so, so catchy. The hooks grab you and they don’t let go. From Poland, of all places.

Moron’s Morons High-Tension Situation LP

Leopard-clad rock’n’roll garage action outta Warsaw, Poland, and that’s pretty cool in itself. Really nothing mind-blowing, but hard and steady sorta like a non-stop “Pushin’ Too Hard”/ “Search And Destroy”/”Slow Death”/”Sonic Reducer” medley wrapped up in brothel creepers. They do a nice T.S.O.L. cover and the singer has a great Dave Vanian-meets-SCREAMING LORD SUTCH voice. I’ll probably never listen to this again, but it’s a real good time for now. Dzięki.

Moron’s Morons Looking for Danger LP

This wonderful Polish band releases their first full-length of wild, ferocious and simply amazing chaotic rock’n’roll. It is impossible not to think of ANGRY SAMOANS as a reference but it also reminded me a bit of ANNIHILATION TIME. Advice? Listen loudly!