Negative Approach


Negative Approach Tied Down LP

This NEGATIVE APPROACH album has a slicker and much more powerful sound than their debut EP, but their music still has that blend of rousing thrash and Oi choruses which makes you want to sing along. The gruff vocals are distinctive, the lyrics are unexpectedly decent, and many of the songs are strong (including thrashers like “Live Your Life” and the title cut, and tension-builders such as the re-recorded version of “Nothing”). Although there are also a couple of losers (like the heavy metallish “Evacuate”), this is a very good record overall.

Negative Approach Can’t Tell No One EP

Another Touch & Go Midwest classic along the lines of the FIX and the NECROS. All then songs are manic, even when they aren’t totally fast, but, uh… the lyrics will make you understand their name, because they’re sick sick sick of all this pressure pressure pressure or something something something.