No Trend


No Trend A Dozen Dead Roses LP

NO TREND is much tamer than they used to be; their wildness has been traded in for precision and style. LYDIA LUNCH has added some vocals here that add to their style. Moodiness, melody, and tradition make this LP a good soundtrack but not as gripping as before. Some good tracks make this worth getting—but it’s not my favorite.

No Trend Teen Love 12″

NO TREND’s debut EP was a grungy blend of demented lyrics and near-insane instrumentals—in other words, a classic. This 12″ contains those tracks remixed to sound a bit cleaner, plus two additional songs. Of the newer stuff, “Die” in particular rates for its chilling vocals; of their older material, “Mass Sterilization” still maintains its dynamicism. Great record.

No Trend Mass Sterilization Caused by Venereal Disease EP

The “No” side contains two maniacally intense blasts in the KILLING JOKE vein; they have a whiny, abrasive guitars, a heavy bass/drum sound, and layers of crazed vocals. The “Trend” side has a musically uninteresting ballad with exceptionally clever and perceptive lyrics. You’ll either love them or hate them; we love them.