Nostrils Undaunted EP

The NOSTRILS did not make it past the songs on this eight-track EP, a time capsule that the good folks at Supreme Echo remastered from an old cassette from the lead singer of the band. These guys sound like the REPLACEMENTS with Joey Shithead recording a demo in a Winnipeg barn. Each song is fast, grimy, and reeks of an old tavern where you forgot your debit card. They could have been very comfortably at home on Rip Off Records. Who wouldn’t love a song called “Poverty Soup”?

Nostrils Live with the London Symphony Orchestra cassette

A mixed back of songs recorded in ’81 by this now defunct Canadian outfit. A lot of older-style punk, some with good hooks, but rendered largely obsolete by recent stylistic changes. However, one song, “Malcontents,” is as powerful and driving as anything going, and makes me sad that they decided to call it quits.