Not Moving


Not Moving Live in the Eighties LP

It seems NOT MOVING was an Italian band from the ’80s, with these live cuts recorded in Italy and Germany in the mid-to-late ’80s. Honestly, I’m having a hard time getting worked up over it. The recording is fine, particularly if you consider the time period. But the music leaves me a little underwhelmed. It’s catchy punk rock that is somewhat heavy on the effects, which creates a garage-y feel, but for me at least, there’s nothing to make me wonder why it took them over 30 years to bring it to my attention. If you’re bringing me something that’s 30 years old, there should be a wow factor. I’m not getting that.

Not Moving Sinnermen LP

Poppier than I remember their previous efforts, there’s a lot of psych guitar and feel here, though rarely crunching. With the female vocals, they at times sound like some early UK pop-punk outfits on the rockier tunes.

Not Moving Movin’ Over EP

The second EP from NOT MOVING has a less experimental and more pronounced ’60s quality. It’s mainly the twangy guitar that gives it that effect, but the melodies, chord progressions, and some of the vocal emphases add to it. “Behind Your Pale Face” is the most rockin’ cut, “Double Mind” the most psychedelic. Evocative.