Novak’s Kapelle


Novak’s Kapelle Not Enough Poison / Smile Please 7″ reissue

Pretty surprising to be reviewing a reissue of an Austrian psych/garage record from 1968 in MRR, but hey, punk came from somewhere. That aside, this is really good, reminding me of the OUTSIDERS or Q65. This is their second EP and their first and better one has a song called “Hypodermic Needle” (!) How punk is that? “Not Enough Poison” is pretty swell though, and it looks like this band went on into the ’70s doing interesting-looking stuff. Put down that CONEHEADS record punker, and learn a little history. Prost.

Novak’s Kapelle Hypodermic Needle / Doing That Rhythm Thing 7″

A repressing of a 1968 single—I initially thought this was a modern recording of a band doing a throwback sound. Austria’s NOVAK’S KAPELLE played psychedelic garage rock, and while it’s a decent little single, I was much more into it when I thought it had been recorded in this day and age. I do appreciate a re-release for those who want this stuff on wax, especially considering that the original 45 has gone for upwards of $400 on Discogs. For fans of IRON BUTTERFLY and doing large amounts of LSD.