Nox Novacula


Nox Novacula Hitchhiker / Drug 7″

While it may be best to lump NOX NOVACULA under goth or post-punk, that would do a disservice to their sound. While many goth-inspired bands worship at the feet of ’80s mainstays, this EP has a very modern feel, and one inspired by acts that have been inspired by the post-metal world. The tense verses in “Hitchhiker” scream CHELSEA WOLFE or MARRIAGES, which give way to a more dark punk sounding chorus that provides both a sense of resolution and desperation at the same time. “Drug” has a bit more of an atmospheric feel, perhaps thanks to the synths, with a danceable chorus that somehow adds to the tumult of the vocalist’s lyrics. In all, the variety and originality in this little EP could win over deathrock naysayers.