Nuclear Crayons


Nuclear Crayons Bad Pieces Seen Delivering The Foretold Conclusion Spin All When After Consummate Pieces Open LP

To be creative, one needs not overtly placate our inherent need for aggro; this lot chooses the back way in much the same way a certain strain of barbed leeches swim into children’s rectums when they stop moving in the Amazon. A disc like this will languish on record shelves only because people would rather cop out on the tried and true rather than burn their big toe in the boiling hot-spring of newness. Your loss, fuckers.

Nuclear Crayons Nameless EP

Experimental punk from out of the grave. The NUCLEAR CRAYONS’ sound is dense and abrasive; their tempo is slow; their aesthetic is similar to FLIPPER’s; their musical structure is somewhat arty; and their lyrics are rather cryptic (especially in “Political Punk”). All in all, I prefer their more focused cuts on the Mixed Nuts Don’t Crack compilation.