Oh’ Dev


Oh’ Dev Don’t Push LP

Here’s the dark and virtually unknown underlings of hip, European, noise-punk. OH’ DEV’s second one is all right. Lots of the ol’ dissonant, psycho guitar with poetic spoken style vocals and lyrics of the disquieted character. But they’re upbeat enough of the time to demand a few listens and the title track is great.

Oh’ Dev Raving Bonkers 12″

Discordant, psychotic, psychedelic, and painful. Simple, stark, and crazed. OH! DEV plays twisted jazz meets the most painful blues. Definitely arty, but not wimpy. Nick Cave and Lux Interior take heed.

Oh’ Dev 84/85 Mania cassette

Industrial post-punk hardcore? Whatever it is, it’s done with gusto and power rare for most post-punk bands. Also rare is the band’s imagination. Sort of like SONIC YOUTH meets the BUTTHOLES meets some nightmare you had after eating meat and taking acid for the first time in ten years (Ray Farrell, take note). Not noise!