Olho Seco


Olho Seco / Brigada Do Ódio split LP

The OLHO SECO side contains material culled from past releases, and their crushing HC sound must be savored if you lack these records. The flip seems to be a brace of live-in-the-studio tracks by BRIGADA DO ODIO, recorded to sound like DISORDER sped up and stepping on boxes of Rice Krispies. A very good value.

Olho Seco Isto É Olho Seco EP

A new EP’s worth of chunky thrash from one of Brazil’s premier hardcore outfits. There’s one studio side featuring both their excellent “theme” song, with its distinctive guitar riff, and another piledriver; the flip contains three less-appealing, roughly recorded live cuts. But since the studio material is killer stuff that satisfies all expectations, you should look for this one.

Olho Seco Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes EP

More great thrash from OLHO SECO. The high end of the mix is less piercing here than on the Grito Suburbano album; the guitar on “Muito Obrigado” suffers a bit for it, but the other two tracks blast along like a speeding bullet train. Hot!