Otto’s Chemical Lounge


Otto’s Chemical Lounge Spillover LP

Sadly, there’s talk about this psycho-delic garage band breaking up. If that’s so, at least they’ve left behind a killer 7″ and a nice, full-bodied album of frenzied HENDRIX riffing, bluesy vocals, and staunch, tight rhythms. Not as crazy as their single, but still worthy.

Otto’s Chemical Lounge Spillover LP

Is this the “fusion” music of punk? OTTO’S CHEMICAL LOUNGE pounds out these eight songs, and depending on whether or not you view this as a plus or minus, incorporate funk, jazz, rock, etc. into the tunes. Personally, I find it a bit annoying, especially on the covers of the GROOVIES’ “Slow Death” and the classic rocker “Shakin’ All Over.” I’ll take the originals, straight up, thank you.

Otto’s Chemical Lounge Fire EP

The new OTTO’S 7″ substitutes a much harder, almost punky attack for their earlier art-damaged approach. Here, the guitars are psychedelicized and a lot louder, and the song structures are basic and consistent enough to allow the listener to adjust to them. In sum, an interesting experimental punk release with some psych and funk qualities, not to mention a charged HENDRIX cover.