Out of Order


Out of Order Paradise Lost LP

Hard and fast and in your face. Great big thunderous sound with maniacal gravel-style vocals. All this is coupled with very good musical ideas that keep away from the boring tried-and-true riffs. Excellent debut record.

Out of Order Concerned cassette

A five-song demo of this young band’s crisp thrash style. OUT OF ORDER have both DC inflections and LA influences, and they play well, but without any special enthusiasm or uniqueness. Still, I expect that by the time they get vinyl out, they’ll have developed their particular peculiarities, so watch for them.

Out of Order Open Prison LP

Infinitely better than their weak debut EP. OUT OF ORDER now have a much more powerful guitar sound, a tighter instrumental attack, a faster tempo, and decent production. There’s a real mixture of punk styles here, ranging from the ’76 numbers with Rottenesque vocals (“Royal Wedding”) to ’78-’79-era Britpunk (“Ministry Bureaucracy,” the title cut, and a cover of CRISIS’s “Holocaust”) to more modern “skunk” anthems (“Politicians” and “Wasted Youth”), to pop-punk (“Inside Out”), and their occasional use of an organ can be refreshing. All in all, this LP represents a sizable step forward for these German punks.