Pagans Don’t Leave Me Alone / Real World 7″

The A-side is a 1979 studio recording of this seminal Ohio punk band, though it doesn’t have the excitement of their early singles, LP, or subsequent and current releases. The flip is zippier, a live recording that rocks hard but is a true classic.

Pagans Live: The Godlike Power of the Pagans LP

It took me a few songs before I recognized the godlike quality here. But after they really start cooking, the reformed PAGANS recorded at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, has all the charm and quality of a garbage truck as it speeds around trying to kill everyone in its path. Massive, so snag this un and wait for the next studio album.

Pagans Dead End America 87 / Secret Agent Man 7″

A reworking of the A-side by this reformed early punk outfit, and it’s got the guts and great bass riffs of the early version. The flip, a cover of the JOHNNY RIVERS classic, is as garage-y and raw as I’d hoped. Basic punk rock.

Pagans Buried Alive LP

Finally! Other than hardcore collectors, most of today’s punks have never heard the awesome power of Cleveland’s PAGANS. These blasts (seventeen of ’em) include the seven tunes off their four 7″ records, as well as ten unearthed studio tracks from ’77-’79. The single tracks still seem the hottest, but there are no throwaways here. Get it!

Pagans Pagans LP

A reprise performance by one of the great ’77-era American punk bands, Cleveland’s PAGANS. At first, I was put off by the “Recorded Live Spring 1983″ sticker on the cover, because a lot of their recent material has had an unappealing arty quality. But although there are some covers like “Seventh Son” and relatively subdued numbers (“Angela,” “Wall of Shame”) here, it also contains several raw garage punk blasts with exceptionally gritty vocals. Tracks like “Give Till It Hurts,” “Cry 815,” “Cleveland Confidential” and the classic “Dead End America” make this limited edition album well worth it, but I wish someone would release some older material from the vaults.