Painted Willie


Painted Willie Live From Van Nuys 12″

This band does at times have a bit of a mid-period BLACK FLAG sound to them, but I can also hear some groovy part of REDD KROSS and CIRCLE JERKS in there. They got a pretty rippin’ version of “Little Red Book,” too.

Painted Willie Mind Bowling LP

This band (includes some ex-SIN 34ers) seems to be moving away from their more explicit political origins towards a mix of politics and personal love/hate songs. Musically, it’s mid-tempo punkish stuff with early-’70s rock influences. Not yet well-formed personality-wise.

Painted Willie My Fellow Americans 12″

A musical departure of sorts for PAINTED WILLIE, this topical release incorporates aspects of rap, funk, and slower rhythmic forms. But the accent here is on lyrics, with title track zeroing in on Reagan’s “We begin bombing Russia…” “joke,” and going on from there. It’d be nice to see more bands using vinyl as “current events” ways of communicating opposition.

Painted Willie Ragged Army EP

A goofy garage punk effort from some ex-members of SIN 34. The tempos are medium-speed, the guitars are crude, the themes are seriocomic, and the vocals are rough and semi-psychotic. Entertaining, but not outstanding.

Painted Willie Ragged Army cassette

I can’t help but think that this is what Rod Stewart would have sounded like had he gone thrash. I’m referring specifically here to Will’s high, cracking vocal delivery. He combines with Phil and Dave from SIN 34 to produce some quirky, unusual modern thrash.