Piss Me Off


Piss Me Off 2 Much Power LP

Shredding, solo-heavy hardcore from Cleveland that brings to mind classic skate rock and crossover in its no-frills approach to punk. These ten tracks rip, straight up, and the entire package (including the artwork) could have come out anytime from the mid-’80s to now, with its focus on chugging rhythm guitars, wailing solos, crowd-killing breakdowns, and shouted vocals. If you like carving bowls (or smoking them) to the SHRINE, the FACTION, or SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, you’ll like this. Conversion van, sweatpants hardcore (CVSPHC) in 2023—let’s go!

Piss Me Off Scam of a Lifetime cassette

Continuing the legacy of loud and lurid Cleveland punk, PISS ME OFF follows up their ear-scorching demo with this tape that’s equal parts tough and artistic. The band’s heavy sound appears to be inspired by old-school stormy Midwest hardcore and the ingestion of hallucinogens, as well as the stark weirdness of fellow Clevos CRUELSTER and PERVERTS AGAIN. These ten songs are mostly straight pounders, but then in the last three they expand into a less compressed, more rocking style with lots of soulful and piercing guitar soloing. Nice.