Plasticland Flower Scene / In My Black and White 7″

The A-side is just so-so folk rock, nothing too memorable. And while the flip isn’t awesome, it’s got more interesting structure and more punchy instrumentation, especially with the raw, jangly guitar. Better.

Plasticland Plasticland LP

Ah yes, more of that seductive psych sound. While it’s usually on the quieter side of things, the jangly guitars and great tunes remind me a lot of the legendary BIG STAR. Some repeats from earlier releases, but a great album overall.

Plasticland Color Appreciation LP

This Milwaukee-based band is sort of an Americanized equivalent of the BEATLES during their Revolution period. It’s filled with folky psychedelic pop, and the reason I say Americanized is because there’s a hint of punkiness in the vocals and the fuzzy guitars at times. Their pop sensibilities clearly prevail, but not quite to the point of wimpiness, so they still manage to leave us with some real classics (like “Elongations”).

Plasticland Euphoric Trapdoor Shoes / Rat-Tail Comb 7″

The new PLASTICLAND 45 contains more of their vintage psychedelic noises. Fortunately, they have the heavier fuzzed-out ’67-’68 sound rather than the syrupy unstructured approach that took hold in late ’69 and early ’70s. Both songs are textured and loud.

Plasticland Colour Appreciation / The Mushroom Hill 7″

Third release from this Milwaukee band on their own label. “Mushroom Hill,” while not as strong as their first 45, is a good ’60s psychedelia-inspired tune with great guitar feedback. Live, it’s probably awesome. Look for it.