Pleaser Pleaser LP

Pleaser is the first full-length from these Danish punks, and it rocks. Included on the album is their previously released demo and single material, plus a lot of fresh tunes. Loud, quick songs that feature ripping guitar solos, thunderous drums, and passionate vocals may just hex you with their slight pop bite. “Light and Fire” is a B-side rocker that is sure to get you revved-up in short order. Only two tracks clock in over three minutes long (most are well below the two-minute mark), so you know PLEASER isn’t messing around when it comes to concise delivery. The closer “This is How I Die” reminds me of ARCTIC FLOWERS, and I’m here for it!

Pleaser Demo ’21 cassette reissue

On the second edition of their 2021 demo, Copenhagen’s PLEASER blasts out three sub-two-minute bangers. If you put a guttural metal singer up front, this would be a straightforward thrash/crossover band, but it’s not. A mix of shouted and melodic vocals from the two frontwomen form a menacing yet playful sound. Vocals ride over deathrock guitars, drenched in reverb, and super splashy drums—there’s a jitteriness at work, paired with catchy lyrics and downright push-and-shove rhythms. Kind of a riot grrrl thing, but more metal? BABES IN TOYLAND come to mind, or the more current band MAUDIT DRAGON who I reviewed a while back. This has the making of something very good. And before you ask—yes, their debut is on the way. Look for the self-titled LP this September and pre-order now!