Poison 13


Poison 13 First You Dream… LP

While I could’ve used a full album of this steamy mess, I can settle for seven songs of great Texas thrash guitar music. We’re talking nasty business trash with songs about strange movies, dying young with a smile on your face, and other general bits of inanity. Great bluesy creepiness on “Parchman Farm.” I say check it out. Four stars.

Poison 13 Poison 13 LP

A new band that contains Tim and Chris (BIG BOYS), Mike Carroll, Bill (ex-HAPPY DEATH), and Jim (ex-EL B J). There’s a mixture of some of the best elements of ’60s punk (especially the vocals), ’70s punk (a cover of RICHARD HELL’s “Blank Generation”), and blues rock (Á  la GUN CLUB meets CREAM). The beat is pounding, the guitars are powerful (slide guitar even!), and the production and execution are tight. They rock.