Poison Girls


Poison Girls Songs of Praise LP

I’ve been a POISON GIRLS fan from the beginning, but even I have to admit that this album is their first really poor one. The song structures are funk/new wavish and unfortunately lack the melodic or rhythmic punch of past efforts; there’s no real heart on this LP, either. Ultimately, nearly all of this album is uninvolving, despite some subtly written lyrics.

Poison Girls Seven Year Scratch 2xLP

This two-album set rates as good value for those who enjoy the socially conscious and unusual pop stylings of the POISON GIRLS. Album 1 combines unreleased and classic P.G. material, some of it out of print for years, while the other disc contains live tracks from a number of vintage concerts. As a retrospective, Seven Year Scratch shows the POISON GIRLS’ original music-making off superbly, and I’m sure that fans of both punk and pop will find much of value in this document.

Poison Girls Are You Happy Now? / White Cream Dream 7″

The first song is a blend of tribal disco-pop sounds and good lyrics. It reminds me of 10 CC, but the flip is in the early P. GIRLS style, with its stark, dissonant, and poetic attack on male sexual attitudes. Maybe they aren’t yet completely lost to the pop circuit.

Poison Girls Where’s the Pleasure LP

This record represents a dramatic change of direction for POISON GIRLS, Britain’s preeminent post-punk band. Their highly produced, sometimes disco-fied instrumental backdrops provide an unexpected contrast to their scathing commentaries on sex, politics, and power. Where’s the Pleasure? may lack the standout compositions which accompany their other albums, but the open-minded will find good music in a variety of styles here.

Poison Girls Total Exposure LP

The POISON GIRLS, easily one of Britain’s finest post-punk ensembles, have translated a sense of rawness and snarling intensity onto this live LP which hasn’t yet been heard on their studio efforts. Commanding songs like “Persons Unknown” and “State Control” stand on their own, but familiarity with their material helps in appreciating this album. Elegantly packaged.