Prevaricators Détente LP

Because some people can’t really appreciate the fine act of sarcasm and irony, the PREVARICATORS have been too easily dismissed as a joke band or maybe just jerks. Too bad, because this is one band that consistently gets better with each new release. With both their sharp, pointed lyrics that attach stupidity and their full-charged guitar thrust, I keep getting reminded of NAKED RAYGUN at their best.

Prevaricators Jihad EP

This strong release shows this Virginia band at their near best: distinctive vocals blend with flailing rockish punk on the four songs here, of which the title track seems the most memorable. Production is hot, making for a ripping release. The only drawback is the sporadic guitar leads.

Prevaricators Snubculture LP

PREVARICATORS specialize in mid-tempo punk rock with highly distinctive vocals and disciplined power-chord arrangements. The music is largely solid, but lyrically, this LP is variable from cut to cut. Commentaries like “Snubculture” and “Jesus H. Falwell” are well taken, but the apparently anti-gay song “Jesse’s a Girl” is in very poor taste. Some songs are sexually oriented Á  la early PORK DUKES. A problematic record, for me.