Priors Daffodil LP

Melodic rock’n’roll straight out of Montreal. PRIORS’ newest release is their fourth LP in five years, which is impressive in its own right. Power pop akin to MARKED MEN, FIDLAR, or MIND SPIDERS, great use of synthesizers that pairs well with the catchy guitar licks that are laden throughout each track. Although the guitars are the most prominent here, I was really drawn in by the rhythm section—lots of great bass runs and the drums sound crisp and tight as all get-out. Solid album, although it’s a pretty standard garage rock piece. Definitely worth a spin if you’re a fan of the genre.

Priors New Pleasure LP

Insistent, kinetic fuzzed-out punk pop. Itchy repetitive guitar riffs serve as foil to the just-this-side-of-annoying keyboard melodies that drive the songs. The vocalist’s delivery is snotty yet deadpan, detached yet sneering: little escapes their disdain. PRIORS pound their way through fourteen songs here, most of which come in around the two-minute mark, save for the epic title track, which despite its five-minute-plus is no slow burner.