Pushtwangers Strangler from Behind / Coma 7″

One side is way too pop for my tastes (as are many of their releases), but the flip has much more of a rockin’ feel, with a sound reminiscent of many of the bands on this label (NOMADS, etc.)

Pushtwangers Here We Go Again LP

I like this smooth mix of pop and garage sounds but again, I think it’s a case of not really working up a sweat. I know this band can do better as evident on the track they released as a single, “Love for Everyone” — complete with stinging guitar lines and an effortlessly smooth melody. I’m still on their side but we’ll have to see after the next one.

Pushtwangers Pushtwangers mini-LP

These guys mine a ’60s type of lode (not load), but instead of the punk/psych vein of fellow Swedes the NOMADS, this is more on the pop side. There are some Mersey influences, early ’70s pop influences, even ROMANTIC influences. Actually, they go way too far in this direction for me. Maybe that wimp Jeff would like it.