Quarantine Exile LP

Philly’s QUARANTINE is back and, damn, if they didn’t let up or run out of steam doing the same ultra-basic NEGATIVE APPROACH meets YDI meets MACHINE GUN one-two-one-two USHC formula. They add just enough variety with songs like “Voiceless Survival” to avoid any generic tags. My favorite is still their demo tape which emerged in actual quarantine times, but this record is fierce and short just like a hardcore record should be. “Widespread Terror” is tops. See them live. You won’t regret it.

Quarantine Agony LP

This might quite possibly be the best USHC release of the year! Heck, maybe the best in the last five or ten years. The record begins with an eerie intro followed by a huge, belching “agony” that quickly erupts into the finest mash-up of USHC aggression. The weirdness of UNITED MUTATION and WHITE PIGS moshing with the anger of NEGATIVE APPROACH and NECROS. A relentless yet catchy record filled with some of the strangest electronic segments heard on a hardcore record that sometimes come close to something DEVO would do. Their 2020 demo was killer but this record just elevates the bar for every other hardcore band out there. The quality of this LP comes as no surprise because it has members of IMPALERS and CHAIN RANK and you know they rage as hard as they can. Shoutout to Chris Ulsh slaying it on the drums and showing what he’s made of. After the quarantine, QUARANTINE will have everyone in the pit screaming “will to kill“—and remember, “Life is a one long-ass quarantine.”