R.I.P. No Te Muevas! LP

Out of the Basque region comes this hot release. R.I.P. produce melodic thrash and punk with lots of catchiness, and, as might be expected from a band out of this controversial area, highly political lyrics. Comes with a huge foldout insert, translated lyrics, and lots of good music. Get this!

Eskorbuto / R.I.P. Zona Especial Norte split 12″

ESKORBUTO and R.I.P. share this slab of vinyl. The former has a chunky, mid-tempo punk assault with sing-along vocals and some nifty, unpredictable guitar portions. R.I.P. has a heavy semi-thrash style and equally catchy join-in choruses; they’ve included a better mix of the song that appeared on our 1984 compilation (“Anti-Militar”) along with their other three cuts. Recommended.