Raskol Raskol cassette

A warm, lo-fi embalming of class-itch hardcore. The bass distortion is particularly crunchy, while the songwriting is traditionally stompy with outstanding trembling drum rolls. Vocals are belted with intense power—a furnace recalling INTEGRITY and REACT, and later ANTIMOB and GOLPE. As the four tracks move on, RASKOL gets more comfortable with their flow while simultaneously bashing you up with thunderous hardcore punk beats and dark beatdown riffs. MIND ERASER and HOAX come to mind, bringing my stomach back to an unsettling point, and my mind to euphorically grinning, pre-pandemic pits, if that makes sense? RASKOL feels new and relevant but from a timeless place. This is a short, sharp shocker of a tape that you’ll return to immediately, as it really settles into being special about a quarter of the way through. That’s a good thing. Get with the flowgram and follow that snare…