Raw Power


Raw Power 1983 Demo LP

RAW POWER is a life-changing band. Years ago, when I first got into international hardcore, the early output of these Italian maniacs represented a gateway to a new sound and a new way of thinking for me.  Their first LP Screams from the Gutter is a stone-cold classic of unhinged screaming and bonkers guitar work, but the recording that truly blew my young mind was their demo from 1983. Often referred to as the Brown Studio demo, this rough and tumble recording largely circulated on cassette tape in punk’s international network of friends until the dawn of the internet age. Somehow, despite being one of the very best examples of furious Italian hardcore ever recorded and despite every random third-rate band from the 80s getting deluxe reissue treatment in recent years, the ’83 demo had to wait until 2019 for its vinyl debut. The packaging for this reissue is modest, with nary an overpriced gatefold or a nostalgia-filled booklet in sight. But the music, with its tornado of guitars, screaming-like-someone-is-chasing-me vocals, and fucking punk cowbell is as urgent and necessary as ever. RAW POWER was the epitome of Italian hardcore, and unlike some of their dour international peers in Scandinavia or Latin America, they brought a measure of goofy fun to their wild hardcore sound. A furious party indeed.

Raw Power After Your Brain LP

I think this is more or less RAW POWER’s original line-up (not the metal band that toured as RAW POWER) as there’s a lot less guitar wanking. Pretty straightforward thrash as well as some punk tunes. Lacks the overall insanity of some of their best material, but there’s plenty of hot stuff here and a lot more variety than usual.

Raw Power Live in the USA 1984 cassette

Six shows from RAW POWER’s first US tour last year. Needless to say, it’s another excellent representation of this powerful Italian metal/thrash outfit. Watch for ’em on tour again.

Raw Power Screams From the Gutter LP

Containing a good many of the songs from their under-produced Italian LP, these new recordings are a whole lot better done, and should help these lads out a lot when they return to tour North America this summer. There’s an increasingly heavy metal guitar influence, but the pounding thrash still predominates.

Raw Power You Are the Victim LP

Aaargh! RAW POWER’s debut album clearly demonstrates that they’re among the world’s best hardcore bands. It also shows that they are more versatile than one might have been led to expect—along with ripping thashers with paint-stripping vocals in the tradition of “Fuck Authority” (like “Repression”), there are some slower, more controlled cuts (such as “Hate”). Although the production here is too muddy to bring out their full power—you’ll have to see them live to witness that—their merciless lyrical and aural assault should not be missed.