Reagan Youth


Reagan Youth Regenerated: A Collection of Alternative Classics LP

Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, REAGAN YOUTH seemingly stood a step apart from their early ’80s NYC contemporaries: what they lacked in the brute-force pummel of a band like A.F. or the tweaked-out intensity of URBAN WASTE or ANTIDOTE, they made up for in simple, catchy riffs and personality. I mean, countless teenagers have answered the call of underground punk rock, but how many of them had the sarcastic wit of Dave Insurgent? While the other recently released REAGAN YOUTH LP (It’s a Beautiful Day… for a Matinee!) is essentially a vinyl reissue of the Live & Rare CD from the late ’90s, this collection on Puke n Vomit features completely unreleased demo recordings from 1981-1983 (plus a ripping live cover of “Ace of Spades”). Granted, aside from one instrumental cut sounding like a work in progress, you’ve probably heard all these songs before, but the sound quality is solid and this is sure to please anyone who’s worn out the grooves of their copy of Youth Anthems for the New Order.

Reagan Youth Youth Anthems for the New Order 12″

The long-awaited REAGAN YOUTH record is finally out, and it’s well worth the wait. They’ve produced an ultra-primitive, trashy attack with an amazingly raw guitar sound that reminds me of Florida’s F. Add to that a social consciousness willing to confront both reaction and apathy, and it’s impossible to fail. Their anthemic theme song “Reagan Youth” brilliantly captures the mindless idolatry of today’s young Republicans, and the other tracks are almost equally appealing. A must.