Red Alert


Red Alert There’s a Guitar Burning 12″

This six-track EP by a veteran skunk outfit fails to generate much in the way of interesting songwriting or forcefulness. While “The Revolution Will Come” rates moderately well for some tasty riffing and snippets of melody, the rest of the compositions here seem rather generic, and the lyrics are especially unchallenging. All in all, tiresome.

Red Alert We’ve Got the Power LP

Oh yeah? You must have lost it all before you recorded this. Actually, it’s not that bad at all—I just couldn’t resist. There are a few decent “skunk” tracks here, but most plod along with no special spark.

Red Alert City Invasion / Negative Reaction 7″

Noisy and somewhat annoying, this latest effort by RED ALERT fails to approach the standard set by themselves or most other “skunk” bands recording in Britain nowadays. Both compositions here are musically undistinctive and, surprisingly, quite messily produced.

Red Alert Take No Prisoners EP

This second single by UK’s RED ALERT would have been fine if the tracks had appeared on an album. The recording is powerful, the themes politically astute, and the songs above average; unfortunately the three Oi songs are far too generic-sounding to be on a single. “Take No Prisoners,” the best track here, is only mildly catchy.