Régimen de Terror


Régimen de Terror Disputas EP

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the D-beat, here comes RÉGIMEN DE TERROR’s second EP. The overcrowded genre can be said to be the victim of two major identifiable flaws—it can be overproduced and thus completely miss the point of a style based on raw primitive aggression (although it might certainly appeal to a larger audience), but it can also be drowned in far too many effects on the guitar, vocals, and just about everything, turning the subtle art of the D into a pedal board exhibition (without mentioning that it sometimes sounds like a fight between your dad’s drill and a drunk goat). Basically a Spanish side project, RÉGIMEN DE TERROR is for purists in the sense that their music is pure, absolute, bare, primal, unrefined, and unpolished, close to the D-beat Valhalla and yet without sounding like they tried too hard. The songs epitomise the delightful predictability, the miraculous imitativeness, and the delicious unoriginality inherent in the style in its pure embryonic form. This is D-beat for the true DISCHARGE lovers, and for the lovers of DISCHARGE lovers. Spain has a long and healthy tradition of well-executed genuine raw D-beat bands (like DESTRUCCION or ATENTADO), but I would rate RÉGIMEN DE TERROR higher. Why-era DISCHARGE, DISASTER, and proto D-beat bands like MG15, SUBVERSION, or VIOLENT UPRISING come to mind. Simple, tastefully obvious riffs, crude, aggressive, spontaneous vocals, a classically executed beat, a buzzing bass sound. On an existential level, this EP, released on Roachleg Records in the $tates and La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe (the latter proving they can still deliver the goods in terms of primal hardcore), is exactly as it should be. A serious contender for the much coveted award for Most Orthodox D-Beat Group.

Régimen de Terror Inherente del Poder EP

The first few DISCHARGE EPs seem to be the entire corpus of influences for RÉGIMEN DE TERROR. This could be dangerous—D-beat done poorly is almost always stale and limiting—but RÉGIMEN DE TERROR combines a sincere, explicitly anarchist approach and barebones production into a solid, enjoyable record. There’s nothing groundbreaking lyrically or musically here, but if you’re a sucker for OTAN or REALIDAD like I am, you’ll likely find this record charming and invigorating.