Rejectors Thoughts of War EP reissue

REJECTORS was a seminal hardcore band from Seattle that was active from 1981 to 1986. Originally released by Fartz Records in 1982, Thoughts of War is now re-released and remastered by No Plan Records. Thrashy in the vein of West Coast hardcore, complete with angsty, snotty vocals. The 7″ comes with the original 7″ artwork and insert, plus a sticker! A guaranteed mosh record.

The Accüsed / Rejectors Split LP

These two Seattle bands have a side each to get across their points. Live, the REJECTORS are the stronger band, but on this record they lack a certain explosiveness and come off a bit generic. On the other hand, the ACCUSED seem to have more snarl, zip, and variety here. Oh yeah, you’ll also learn why all Seattle punks say “do the Frog.”

Rejectors Struggle cassette

If you had the good fortune to come upon their EP, you know what this new four-song “live” cassette is like. If not, it’s not too late to pick up on this bone-crunching attack. Note, as go the FARTZ (now 10 MINUTE WARNING), so go the REJECTORS. This means that there are some heavy metal guitar licks on this tape.

Rejectors Thoughts of War EP

Wild thrash punk in the FARTZ tradition, minus the distinctive songwriting. For some reason, only “Fight Establishment” and “Go Die” really stick in my head later, probably because of their strong choruses. Still, this EP is raw as hell and has great lyrics.