Resin Bad Trip Bad Day cassette

RESIN’s latest cassette release by L.A.’s new label 1753. Sonically, it lands somewhere around Mexico’s MUERTE EN LA INDUSTRIA with the evil-sounding KURO-style vocals, as well as Kyushu noisecore influences. Catchy but not just drunk and pogo, and I don’t know… puke and vomit as well. But coming from L.A., these punks must have the SILENZIO STATICO catalog and BLAZING EYE/ZOLOA riffs running inside their veins. The phrasing and riffs are actually interesting enough to where it’s not dismissable as another relentless D-beat/raw punk band. This will make you go to an alley and drink 40s with the crew.

Resin Pot Overdose cassette

I love hardcore punk, but this didn’t work for me at first. Musically, the hardcore is tight and hard, just like it should be. But the heavily distorted black metal vocals grated on the nerves. It did grow on me with subsequent listens because, overall, this cassette rages. “Sea of Vomit” is the best of the four tracks, with “Life is Shit” being a close second. I prefer cleaner vocals, but there’s lots to like on this cassette like great musicianship, particularly the guitar, which goes from being a wall of distortion to wailing solo and back perfectly. They reminded me a bit of FILTH, though Jake’s voice was just like that without distortion.