Resistance 77


Resistance 77 Thoroughbred Men LP

A better release than I expected. While there’s some so-so stuff, many of the tracks have that “something special” that makes them jump out at you, and stick, too. Catchy tunes, powerfully delivered, and with zip!

Resistance 77 Vive Le Resistance LP

As their name suggests, RESISTANCE 77 utilize a “classic” punk approach, one that’s rich with strong melodies, irresistible background choruses, and an aggressive guitar sound. “Will They Survive?” and “Advance Factory Units” are the most intriguing of the four tracks here and, although the lyrics aren’t as inspired as one might hope, aficionados of good ’77 punk will fond something to their liking. Very fine.

Resistance 77 Nowhere to Play EP

This band’s name must refer to resistance to the ’77 spirit of creativity and original thinking. Actually, that’s not entirely fair, because this EP is better than much of this month’s English crop. “Nottingham Problem” and “Nuclear Attack” have a bit of raw, foot-tapping spunk.