Billiam / Revv split EP

Naarm minimal weird punk split effort between BILLIAM, fixing you with a dose of mid-paced drums in a new wave synth creation, ever-ranting, lo-fi “recorded on used VHS tape” vocals, and softer than average keyboards, and REVV’s new wave-y rock’n’rolla garage tunes and interesting vocals. Both bring a hyperactive vibe to bedroom punk entrepreneurship. DIY synth punk solo projects from Australia that share their cathartic angles (surely kangaroos are laying eggs now).

Revv Amusia cassette

Here we have four sunbaked, relaxed-but-tight tracks of verbed-out rock‘n’roll from Australia (who seem to specialize in it). REVV stands out in how the sound balances more laid-back cruisin’ vibes with a healthy dose of dissonance and angularity. The title track really exemplifies this with guitar licks that slip around hazily and disorienting, all draped across a tight and confident rhythm section. The other cuts are strong, too; a good little tape that gives you what you need.