Rhythm Pigs


Rhythm Pigs Hooligan flexi EP

Three songs here, exploring a faster paced punk sound with a certain lack of musical distinctiveness. I tried playing their first EP after hearing this, and the contrast is telling: the conciseness and good hooks of the old RHYTHM PIGS has been lost along the way.

Rhythm Pigs Choke on This LP

Every time I see this band, they get tighter, but on this LP, too many weak songs just drive this record into the ground. Maybe it’s just a case of too little time to prepare for this album. In any case I’m still listening because I know just how good these guys can be.

Rhythm Pigs Rhythm Pigs LP

Excellent debut album by the PIGS that shows they’ve grown by leaps and bounds in both their lyrics and music. Everything from a tough western feel to a punchy, fuzzy funk song gets attention here. I could actually imagine their song “Human Drama” getting airplay on regular radio. Very cool and very recommended.

Rhythm Pigs An American Activity EP

RHYTHM PIGS play good “meat and potatoes” thrash with surprisingly effective vocal harmonies and musical changes of pace. Most of the songs here manage to break the typical thrash mold without sacrificing a whit of power in the process. Check this one out!

Rhythm Pigs Boring Orgy cassette

An extremely hot “live” tape that demonstrates why so many people have raved about these guys. It’s highly energized and even thrashy at times, but always innovative, tight, and powerful. And they found a good use for Falwell’s propaganda tapes!