Riesgo Remolino de Muertos LP

This Chicago project’s debut LP delivers aggressive raw punk with somber tones and solid cavernous, reverbed screaming vocals, strident riffy as hell guitars, and sharply pointed drums. With former members of anarcho-punk beasts SIN ORDEN (who played once in my backyard on Argentina back in circa 2009, which I will never forget), they exude South Side Chicago attitude and scream about social inequities of the shit system as a very fast-paced ball of sound and mayhem. You are welcome to play here at my house again whenever you want! Recommended.

Riesgo La Edad de la Violencia cassette

Pure mayhem straight from Chicago. This cassette is short, but enough to tell a story from start to finish. A story of violence, struggle for survival, and spiritual struggles. The sound is a cavernous, dissonant, blackened D-beat. The effect of the excerpts from the poem “La Fórmula Secreta” by Mexican writer Juan Rulfo (I recommend you read his novel Pedro Paramo and his book of short stories The Plain in Flames) is absolutely brutal and elevates this short punk flash to the category of art. Lyrics are in Spanish, but the hatred is universal. A hell of a debut.