Rights of the Accused


Rights of the Accused Innocence EP

ROTA let loose with five thrashers on this one, and the songs are at their best when the band’s breakneck instrumentals are conjoined by real passion in the vocal department. “Hypocrite” in particular makes for riveting listening, but some of the other songs are more like garden-variety thrash. The lyrics deal with identity problems, school, ideals, etc.

Rights of the Accused Mean People Suck cassette

A year-old tape by Chicago’s coolest young thrashers, which was originally supposed to be released as a 7″ on Version Sound. Except for the funky title song, the cuts are fast, frenetic, and a bit rough around the edges, but that’s no problem unless you’re overly concerned about professionalism. I’m not, so I wish someone would press this humorous trash. Yeah!