Riot Squad


Riot Squad No Potential Threat LP

This new RIOT SQUAD release may display more of their standard Britpunk attack, but the amazingly powerful production lifts it head and shoulders above the norm. The guitars roar, the drums beat on your head, and their ringing choruses pick you up and drag you right along. Surprisingly strong.

Riot Squad No Solution / Government Scheme 7″

This new RIOT SQUAD record is in the predictable Britpunk tradition, but the damn thing sounds real good anyway. “No Solution” hits the mark due to its simple but classy chorus, while the flip relies more on speed. Both are improved drastically by a loud-as-fuck drum mix.

Riot Squad I’m OK — Fuck You EP

Trad punk bands like this are best taken in small doses on 7″er instead of entire albums. “In the Future” is weak, “Society’s Fodder” really picks up the pace, and “Friday Night Hero” tops it off with great power. All the songs express progressive and hopeful sentiments, though.