Road Soda


Road Soda World’s Greatest Disappointment LP

From Davenport, Iowa comes some hard-rock-infused brewery punk for an older crowd. The lead singer makes this stand out with an interesting/annoying vocal style, similar to a country-twanged Stiv Bators or a softer Alan King (HELLSTOMPER). The songwriting is creative and forays into almost mainstream territory with the catchy tearjerker “A Sad Door,” but I find myself skipping ahead to the raunchy familiarity of “F.U.1.2.” leaving less to the imagination. The better songs have a CANDY SNATCHERS feel, which I wish permeated the whole platter. They end with a song named “Bong Vader” complete with a Yoda impersonation, so you kinda see where they’re coming from here. Idiots Out Walking Around, indeed. Cheers!